Summer at the Gran Baita Hotel in Folgarida

The Gran Baita Hotel is located at a height of 1300 m asl, in Folgarida, in the area that divides Val di Sole from Val Rendena. From this area you can reach Madonna di Campiglio by passing through Campo Carlo Magno.

A summer vacation means completely immersing yourself in nature, in the green natural surroundings of a forest and in a fantastic environment.

Even simple walks on easy trails will lead you to waterfalls, lakes and breathtaking views.

The numerous trekking routes will take you high up on the mountains in complete freedom, from where you can admire the glaciers in the Presanella or the Ortles Cevedale mountain groups. Walk through the Brenta Dolomites from one mountain hut to the next as you admire the beauty and the grandeur of the peaks.

From the hotel, you can easily reach Val Melederio, a valley where culture and the natural surroundings intertwine to create a lovely itinerary that will provide beneficial effects for everyone. A rushing stream, that also has the same name, runs through this valley creating a beautiful waterfall called the "Cascate del Pisson". You will also discover a natural rock climbing wall along this route for all those who want to experience the thrill of climbing.

The Noce River, which crosses through Val di Sole, is the perfect place to try whitewater sports like rafting, hydrospeed, canoeing, kayaking and where you can also fish trouts and Arctic char.

Rafting, one of the most popular sports here in the valley, is a fun sport for all. You don't need to have any special skills but you do need to want to try a new and fun adventure.

There are more than one hundred lakes here, starting from small sparkling mountain lakes all the way to large artificial lakes.

The sources of water in Val di Sole are synonymous of wellness and beneficial properties. In the heart of the Stelvio National Park there are several fresh water springs that are used at the Peio and Rabbi Thermal Spa Centres.

There are numerous biking and mountain biking routes throughout the valley. There are routes suited for all levels, including easy quick routes along the cycling path or challenging itineraries that take you all the way up to a height of 2000 meters.

Folgarida is an excellent starting point for excursions on your two wheels that will allow you to discover enchanting landscapes.

Various solutions are available to allow you to transport your bike on the lifts, on the local train between Mostizzolo - Marilleva 900 or by bus.

Our greatest treasure is however the surrounding woods and forests that have an incredibly high number of trees and green surroundings that are the lungs of the environment that surrounds us.

It is also interesting, from both a naturalistic and educational point of view , to visit the "age-old trees". You can see and learn more about these centuries old trees that with time have grown into unique shapes.

In the wood, you can also find numerous types of berries that are lovely to see and that will also satisfy your taste buds. Strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries in addition to tasty mushrooms that will delight mushroom gatherers.